550W Waterproof Beam Moving Head Light

AL550BP is a professional high power beam moving head light for outdoor events.  Equipped with 550W original Osram lamp, and thanks to the advanced optic lens from Yilong Optics, the brightness is excellent for any big outdoor events and projects.

Product Details:

Color temperature: 8000K

Lens: Yilong optical lens

Horizontal: 540°

Vertical: 270°

Light source: OSRAM 550W

Total power: 800W

Waterproof grade: IP65

DMX512 signal control

Color plate: 13 colors plus white light, and bidirectional speed change rainbow effect is available.

Rotary pattern plate: 13 fixed pattern plates

Atomization: 1 Atomization mirror

Biprism: 8 prisms and 16 prisms for bidirectional speed change rotation

Light dimming: 0-100%

Strobing: 1-13 times/second

Focusing: Electronic focusing

Light output angle: 2°

Panel: LCD sensitive button

Hanging: Can be hung

Net weight: 28KG

Dimension: 39*32*72

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