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90W Led Moving Head

90W Led Spot Moving Head, Color Wheel: 7+open Fixed Gobo Wheel: 8 gobos+open Rotation Gobo Wheel: 6 gobos+open

Product Details

  • Model number:AL90SPOT
  • Light source:90W LED
  • DMX Channel: 14/16 CH
  • Key Features:90W Led Spot

Technical Parameters

Light source: Advanced 90W white led

Led life: 60K Hours

Lumens: 21600lux@2.5m

Ballast: switching mode power supply

Beam angle: 12°

Pan: 540°(2.3sec), Tilt: 265° (1.8 sec) 16-bit resolution

Auto repositioning if misplaced

Colors 7+open, indexable and bidirectional rainbow effect

Gobo plate:

Fixed gobo: 8 gobos + open

Rotation gobo 6 gobos + open; Outside ¢21.8mm, inside ¢14.5mm

Real indexable and gobo shaking

Distinctive gobo animation effect

DMX Channels: 14/16 CH

Size: 26*28*42CM

Weights: 10Kgs

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