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The pace of life of modern people is tense, and entertainment venues have become a good place for people to relax, especially the younger generation.

The most popular places are some distinctive bars.

Categories of bars

According to different styles, bars can be divided into clear bars, performing arts bars, slow shake bars, di bars and so on.

To put it simply, the clear bar is quieter and more casual, suitable for chatting and listening to music; the performing arts bar has a stage where you can watch performances;

The slow shake bar usually invites a DJ to play, and the music played is mainly the new downtempo, with a slower rhythm;

Di Bar focuses on dancing. There is a stage for customers to dance, with strong lighting and sound effects.


Different styles of bars have different requirements for stage lighting.

The clean bar

The clean bar has higher requirements for design and decoration.

Generally, the lighting is equipped around the design and decoration. Therefore, the lighting requirements of the clean bar are mainly based on simple LED dyeing effects.

The brightness should not be too high, and it is generally fixed. Personal control.

The performing arts bar

The performing arts bar mainly designs lighting around the stage and entertainers, and the main focus is on the stage.

It is necessary to meet the flexible and changeable requirements of the performing arts for stage lighting, and the equipment configuration should take into account the needs of large and medium-sized theatrical performances as much as possible, and take into account the needs of other forms of performances.

For example, 1,120-square-meter performing arts bar.

The stage and DJ area use:

24 beam moving head as basic paving light

4 moving head spot lights

4 moving head beam lights

1 full-color animation laser light.

1 DMX strobe light is used as an effect light

Two DMX direction adjustable fog machines are used as an effect device.

The T-shaped stage area use:

18 high-power LED lamps as basic paving light

4 moving head spot light as effect light.

The dispersing area uses:

6 LED moving head gobo lights

8 LED flower blooming beam lights

2 moving head beam lights

4 wizard computer lights

And 1 DMX strobe light as the effect light.

The deck area uses:

8 wizard moving lights

The leading stage uses:

4 high-power LED lights as effect light.

Then use the lighting console to synchronize the rhythm of the music style, and program the lights, according to the needs of the performing arts at different time periods to control their colors, brightness, angles, patterns and other effects.

The dark sky is was with a large area of ​​soft light, and the light is adjusted with a uniform color, so that customers can maintain a good mood throughout the night while enjoying the performance.

At the same time, a full-color animated laser light was placed in the sky behind the DJ station.

The smoke produced by two heavy-duty hoods, the full-color laser can bring amazing and dreamy effects to customers, which can be mobilized and stimulated for a long time. The emotions of customers.

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Slow Shake Bar

This mainly relies on DJ playing to drive the atmosphere of the scene, that is, the rhythm of sound effects is controlled, and guests can also dance.

Therefore, a certain amount of investment is required in lighting effects, stage rotation, lifting machinery and equipment, and LED screens.

At present, slow-shaking bars can be roughly divided into three categories.

The first is a typical slow-shaking bar

Where the music is integrated with the entire bar, and guests can dance near the seats;

The second is to set up a small stage (pool)

With performances , Lead dancers. Guests can enjoy drinking while enjoying, and can also participate in various activities at any time;

The third is the interactive mode

Where the seating area and the dance area are independent of each other, which is static and dynamic; guests can dance at any time or be quiet Drinking and chatting on the sidelines.

Take a 420-square-meter slow rocking bar as an example.

The entire slow rocking bar is divided into six functional areas:

DJ table, T-shaped stage, water bar, stand area, deck area, and leading stage.

The height of the slow rocking bar is about 5 meters.

In order to ensure sufficient brightness, entertainment lighting in every corner and stage performance lighting.

24 high-power LED lights are used as basic paving lights in the stage and DJ area,

And 4 intelligent moving head spot lights and moving head are used. 4 beam lights

1 full-color animation laser light, 1 DMX strobe light as effect lights, and 2 DMX direction adjustable hoods as effect equipment.

The T-shaped stage area uses 18 high-power LED as basic paving light, and 4 computer moving head spot as effect light.

The dispersing area uses 6 LED computer moving head spot, 8 LED flower blooming beam lights, 2 computer moving head beam lights, 4 wizard computer lights, and 1 DMX strobe light as the effect lamps.

The deck area uses 8 wizard computer lights, and the leading stage uses 4 high-power LED as effect light.

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The disco bar

It is generally composed of five functional areas:

Deck, high stage, scattered stage, stage or dance floor, and DJ stage.

Taking the stage lighting of a 500 square bar as an example

The height from the ground to the ceiling is about 5 meters, and the overall layout is rectangular.

The bar counter is located at the entrance, and it is also the cashier counter.

Scattered seats are scattered in the hall.

There are 4 decks that can individually accommodate 6-8 customers and many scattered seats.

The total number of people that can accommodate is about 250 people.

Mainly equipped with

8 animation laser lights

8 LED moving head laser lights

16 LED stage wash light

36 LED stage wash lights

14 wizard lights

12 beam moving head lights

DMX strobe lights 4 sets

4 sets of four-eye blinder lights

20 sets of LED marquee lights

4 sets of LED moving head lights

and supporting control systems.

Moving head lights and laser lights are used together to create a dynamic effect on the stage.

Color and spot equipments create a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

Through moving head light console programming, it can control the color, pattern and movement mode of computer light.

Under the flexible use of DJ, it can follow the rhythm of music to achieve synchronous action, so that consumers can experience a higher aesthetic and artistic realm.

In a passionate atmosphere full of cold sadness or joy and joy.

With the strength of the music rhythm, DJ uses the brightness, color, distribution and movement of the light to play the inner mood of the light, and constantly updates various light combinations, patterns and colors, so that the light and the music content are in harmony.

In addition, in order to enhance the lighting effect to meet various performance processing methods, 4 sets of hoods are specially equipped.

These equipments are used on the stage.

When dancing slowly, the dancers are as light and misty as clouds and mist, and the scenes blend in, and they are very emotional.

During the dance, the smoke from the lower body of the dancer is in sharp contrast with the strong twisting of the upper body. It is a beautiful landscape, which can vividly depict the special effects of the fairyland resort.

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