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  • Made by Aolait:
    • Our advantages
      • Aolait has a professional team for stage lighting. We are a manufacturer of stage lighting integrated with Research and development and production.
      • Aolai has a united, mature and highly standardized R&D team. We were established in 2013, and we continue to challenge ourselves in the field of product innovation. Strive to provide customers with stage lighting with innovative appearance and reasonable internal design.。
      • In the selection of product accessories, we adhere to the high standard of the product. The power supply is the basis for ensuring the operation of the machine, the layout design can transmit power to each component, and the cooling function of the fan plays a role in protecting the machine. Precise selection of materials and reasonable layout not only save internal machines, but at the same time ensure stable machine performance and build a foundation for first-class and excellent product quality.
      • In order to select the most suitable accessories, such as: optical lens, color plate, gobo wheel (fixed and rotating gobo), prism wheel, atomization film, CMY plate,framing, etc., the team repeatedly communicated, tested, designed and engineering complemented each other. During the production process, the production staff carefully polished and designed products that meet the market demand under the efforts of the entire team.
    • Our core competence
      • So far, moving head lights and LED series are the most popular OEM/ODM product series. Not only that, but also Led studio lights such as Led profiles, led fresnels and led panels, etc., Aolait can provide you with the most professional, most efficient and high-efficiency products. Quality stage lighting 0EM/ODM service.
      • For original equipment manufacturing (OEM), no matter what type of our customer is, whether it is for rental or fixed installation, we are always ready to help your company’s business development. We can even modify products during the manufacturing process to meet specific market needs and individual needs.
      • In order to meet the needs of your requirement of lights, we will always cooperate with your ideas, drawings and specifications to create the lamps you need, and we will redesign and manufacture according to your requirements.
    • Our Standard
      • Aolait maintains highly customized standards, and performs production, product testing and planned inspections in accordance with the requirements of CE&ROHS certification standards. The whole process is traceable. The business relationship is long-term and protected.
  • ODM Procedure:
    • Send us relevant information about your requirements for ODM products. It can be a drawing or a functional concept.
    • After receiving the initial request from the customer, we brainstormed with the R&D team to evaluate the customer’s requirements, including how to achieve the customer’s requirements, and turn the drawings and concepts into 3D drawings.
    • After the 3D drawing is confirmed, we will carry out PROTOTYPE proofing. Our procurement department will look for suitable accessories according to the requirements of the drawing, such as light source (LED/LAMP), power supply, motor and gobo, color customization. Our engineering department will cooperate with the 3D printing department of outsourcing to complete an exterior design. Among them, for the light source (LED/LAMP), we will test the stability of the light source and the heat dissipation function of the lamp body structure with the light source brand, such as ORSAM/PHIIIPS (this is one of the most important parts of the lamp body design)
    • After PROTOTYPE is basically formed, we will debug the software of the first sample machine. This part is completed by software engineers and hardware engineers working together to ensure that the software can be 100% debugged to match every function and detail of the lamp, such as PAN&TILT, color&gobo, and the parameters of the motor to ensure the accuracy of every action of the lamp.
    • After the completion of PROTOTYPE, we will check the price of the product and the investment required for the product appearance mold. After the customer’s confirmation, we will open the mold for hardware and plastic in the next step. This stage takes about 40 days.
    • At the same time, customers can carry out pre-publicity and promotion of the product. The factory will purchase the first order in small batches.
    • Send us your LOGO, product appearance requirements, packaging box, and other material design documents.
    • When the mold trial is completed, our other materials are ready to be put in place, and the trial production of small batches (50-100pcs) can be started.
    • In this process, we will make optimization according to the product situation to ensure that the performance/heat dissipation/performance of the product is optimized.
    • Release a purchase order, and then we can produce the product for you.
    • You can start using your brand promotion stage tools, and we will provide you with technical support.
  • OEM Procedure:
    • Of course, if you only need OEM services, it’s much simpler.
    • On the basis of our existing products, send us an email about your requirements for OEM products.
    • The part that customers need OEM, most of them focus on patterns, colors, customer’s LOGO stickers (for products), carton/air box LOGO printing
    • Send us your LOGO, product appearance requirements, packaging box, and other material design documents.
    • We will quote the product price and sample cost for you.
    • Send us a purchase order, and then we can produce the product for you.
    • You can start using your brand promotion stage tools, and we will provide you with technical support.
    • Please note that we do not provide OEM/ODM for some special projects
  • Future forcasting about stage lightings
    • 12020 is a special year. During this year, the entire performing arts industry is facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, which is said to be a crisis, but it also contains a new force for development.
      • Before March 2020, our company experienced a two-month shutdown period. After the local epidemic was under control, we launched a resumption plan.
      • From the end of the first quarter of 2020, beginning in March, to December, some bad news for our industry has followed one after another. Because the traditional performance industry is a gathering activity, but when all industries gradually recover, they continue to The rising number of infections is undoubtedly a heavy blow to our industry, but many of our customers around have learned that during the new crown period, a new term-streaming media has been popular, and it has led the industry mainstream in many countries and cities, all over the world There are constant light-up activities such as Wemakeevents. I believe this force will enable everyone to better understand our industry.
      • It can be seen that even if the performance industry is faced with such severe natural factors, the spiritual satisfaction of mankind has not diminished by this. The new year 2021 is coming. We believe that as long as we work together to deal with this objective factor, many The anti-consumption shock wave brought about by people’s isolation at home will surely usher in a new wave of outbreaks in spiritual pursuit in the future.
      • It is our persistence in this industry and our vision for 2021. In 2020, Aolai Lighting is also fortunate to maintain everyone’s expectations for Aolai manufacturing. In 2020, we will make a big push in product research and development, and even expand our original production lines and test lines to linearly increase the production capacity of the factory. In 2020, we will continue to make breakthroughs in light bulb moving head lights, Led moving head lights, led Par lights, and film and television lights. Aolai’s most versatile and highest power 600W LED moving head pattern lights have been put into the production line. There is a strong demand for light, long life and high cost performance. Of our customers, we have newly launched a 250w LED pattern light, which is suitable for most indoor and outdoor performances and events in terms of color and function. This year, we have conducted more in-depth research on the Led dye lamp 12x40w, and selected special materials for the optical lens. The more cost-effective point-controlled LED dye lamp can add a more dazzling effect to your stage. At the same time, we have also exited the brighter, more compact, lighter, more cost-effective and effective 250w beam light, and the industry’s latest OSRAM high-brightness 40W 7 waterproof par lights with zoom. It is believed that in the future, stage lights in the industry will increasingly develop towards the compact appearance of high-power energy-saving lamps.
      • In the new year, I believe that as the industry conditions are slowly recovering, it is a forecast and confidence in our industry. Many companies will not persist this year, but the rest will be recognized by customers and audiences in the market, with many development channels, excellent product services, and facing irreversible objective factors. Do yourself and improve. I believe that we will have you in our future.
    • LED source moving head is the trend
      • The original name of the moving head light was the intelligent computer light. Like the original computer, it is large, slow in response, and has few functions. Due to the limitation of optics and light source, the power of the initial bulb light source is very high. Most of the bulb light source computer lights in the show can reach 1500-2000W. Such high power can easily lead to poor heat dissipation and destroy the light. Later, it gradually developed into a low-power cup bubble, and the 200W beam lamp can also produce a strong beam effect. On the basis of the 200W cup bubble, the power has slowly increased to 250W, 300W, 380W, 400W or even 500W. Unfortunately, when the power reaches 400W, the heat dissipation of the moving head lamp cannot be guaranteed.
      • At the same time, high-power LED light sources have been widely adopted. Low-power LED moving head lights such as 30W/60W/90W are mostly used in some KTV or bar private rooms. The 100W LED beam light is designed as a beam light with relatively strong penetrating power, which can be widely used in indoor performances. 300W, 400W, and even 600W/1000W, are more used in outdoor performances and large-scale concert performances.
      • The cost of the same power LED light source is higher than that of the bulb, but the bulb life is 2000H, and the high-power bulb is even lower, which is only 1200-1500H. The life of the LED is 50000H. Under such circumstances, customers are more inclined to computer lights with LED light sources in the long-term development.
  • How we help your business
    • We not only understand the products, understand the market, but we are deeply involved in the industry. With more than ten years of industry experience in our team, we not only invent products for the market, but also make judgments about the customer’s market. While helping them design products, we also give our professional judgments to the performance industry, helping customers quickly locate and seize their market, build their brand, and enhance their brand value.
    • Our process innovation also controls manufacturing costs and provides customers with stable and reliable high-value products year after year. This is very important. With professional technical support, we can efficiently help our customers gain market share in the local market. We believe that it will not be too small by the customer. Because the lighting market is becoming more and more mature, customers will gradually develop their business, and they will one day become a big local brand!
    • So, join us! Become our partner! We will provide you with the best quality service and the most professional product service!
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