Daily maintenance of moving head light

Daily maintenance of moving head light

The Beam moving head angle is small, and the light is more concentrated. So it can produce rich stage shapes. Another is that the lamps are small and the scanning speed is faster, which can make the stage more active. The beam light is a kind of more sophisticated equipment. It integrates electronics, machinery, and optics. It has high requirements on the environment, transportation, and use, so its failure rate is also high. Here is an analysis of the possible causes based on the failure phenomenon for the reference of relevant personnel.

There are still some detailed differences between beam lights and our traditional moving head lights in structure.

The first is the light bulb circuit: the previous traditional moving head lights used an inductive ballast + trigger light bulb circuit. The beam light generally uses an electronic ballast (also known as a ignitor) and does not require a trigger. One more PFC (AC220V to DC380V), because the input end of the ballast is DC 380V.

The second is the control part: the beam light basically uses a switching power supply to transform, which communicates with the traditional inductance transformer. Because the switching power supply is used, the stability of the control circuit of the subsequent stage is greatly enhanced. Due to the high technical difficulty of switching power supplies, the failure rate will be higher than that of inductive transformers.

Because it uses a switching power supply, the beam light is not affected by changes in external voltage, and can be input at full voltage (110V-240V), and the problem of voltage instability does not exist.

250w Beam Moving Head
250w Beam Moving Head

For some common faults, the analysis is as follows:

No response at when power on

  1. Whether the power supply is normal and whether the power cord of the lamp is off;
  2. Whether the fuse of the lamp is burned out;
  3. Whether the switching power supply of the lamp has output voltage.

Bulb does not light up

  1. First judge the quality of the bulb, check whether the bulb’s foam core contacts are burnt, and whether the bulb itself is broken.
  2. Make sure that when the lamp is in the state of ignition, measure whether the output of the ignition voltage of the main board is normal. Normally, the voltage is generally 10-12 volts.
  3. If the above two points are correct, measure whether the PFC output (input end of the lighter) has an AC voltage output of about 380V. If there is an output, it indicates that the PFC is good, so you can directly determine whether the lighter has a problem.

After working for a period of time, the lamp will automatically reset

  1. The output voltage of the switching power supply is unstable;
  2. The wire in the line is loose or the wire is not pressed tightly, resulting in poor contact and automatic reset.

Bulb automatically off

  1. The bulb is off, and it will automatically turn on after a period of time. Check whether the heat dissipation system is working properly. If the heat dissipation system fails, the temperature inside the lamp will be too high, and the temperature control switch will automatically trip to ensure the safe use of the lamp. When the electronic lighting is off, the lamp will automatically light up when the temperature of the lamp body drops.
  2. After the bulb is extinguished, the bulb cannot be automatically lit: the bulb itself is a problem, the bulb sphere surface is white, the inside is black, and the phenomenon of extinguishing the bulb will appear after the bulb is lit for a period of time (the bulb life ends).
  3. When the lamp has no control signal for a long time, the automatic protection of the gun will appear, and the lamp will be automatically lighted after the signal is turned on.

The gobo wheel, color wheel, prism, and focus are stuck, jittered, and out of step

  1. The jam is usually caused by mechanical reasons. At this time, the color film jam will occur: such as the pattern plate, the deformation of the color plate, the loosening of the fixing part screw, the spring of the fixed pattern, etc., will cause the jam. appear.
  2. Shaking and out-of-step: the screw is loose or falling off, the chip of the channel on the motherboard is burned out, the motor wire is poorly connected, the broken skin is short-circuited to the ground, and the motor itself is faulty.

Horizontal and vertical (X/Y axis) out of step, no positioning

  1. There is too much dust on the light lotus root, which makes the infrared light unable to be controlled in place;
  2. The light lotus root plate is damaged, and the distance between the light lotus root plate and the light lotus root is improperly adjusted.

The above is the analysis of the causes of some common failures. In fact, to reduce the occurrence of failures, normal maintenance is essential. The following briefly introduces a few items to be noted in daily maintenance:

  1. For optical components, first use a vacuum cleaner or blowing air bag to gently blow off the surface dust, use odorless tissue paper or cotton cloth soaked with clean water to wipe off the particles, and use a cotton cloth soaked with ethyl propanol or odorless paper to remove the dust and residue Use distilled water for the final cleaning, and then wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth;

Parts with coated color films and optical lenses, because the surface of the coating layer is very brittle and easily scratched, so do not use destructive solvents for cleaning;

The beam light should be handled gently to avoid collisions, falls, etc.;

Be careful not to use it in places with a lot of wind, sand and dust, or use high-quality products, and clean it in time

Aolait 380W Beam successfully performed during the sandstorm in Yanqi, Xinjiang, and cleaned the scene after the performance

  1. After the performance, use the console to extinguish the bubble, and let the lamp continue to work for a period of time without cutting off the power supply (let the fan in the lamp continue to work to reduce the temperature inside the lamp);
  2. After the performance of mobility, it should be put into a special air box to prevent moisture and shock, and the fixed beam light should be protected from dust and impact.
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