Stage lighting for Wedding lighting – layout skills!

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The wedding lighting is divided into bright field and dark field.

The bright field

The bright field means that the whole ceremony is carried out under bright light or sunlight, giving guests a warm and open feeling. In this case, there is generally no need for other lights such as followspot lights.

The interior lighting

The interior lighting is dim. In order to highlight the stage and make the shooting effect better, the photographer will suggest using face light to fill in the light, but in the case of bright field, if you want to present a dazzling lighting feeling, the effect will not be ideal.

How to make a dazzling lighting feeling

First of all, if you want to show a very dazzling lighting feeling, you can choose to do dark field lighting. Dark field lighting will show a very dazzling effect. You can also request a pearlescent effect for weddings, which will look very romantic. The dark field light chasing light is indispensable. At the same time, moving head lights and LED wash lights can be used to show more different effects and feelings.

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What lights are necessary?

Secondly, the dark field lighting requirements are very high. The lighting of the main stage area is very important, because the newcomer and the host will have a long time of communication and interaction in this area, so the lighting requirements are more important.

If there is a front desk or aisle in front of the main stage area, you can install moving head lights on both sides. The function of the moving head lights is to shake in the air and create various spot on the walls and ceiling to create a dynamic effect on the stage.

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Use pre-set programs to set different shaking methods. With different shaking methods, different atmospheres such as joy and romance can be set off.

If conditions allowed, try to hang them up, without blocking, the effect will be better. If it can be equipped with wash light, the effect will be changed, but it is recommended not to have too many colors when it is equipped with wash lights. Too many colors will appear chaotic.

How would Par Lights work

The effect of par lights for the background lights of the main stage area will be better.

The light of the led par is relatively soft and will not change color. Whether it is when the normal hall lights up or when the follow-up light is used in the dark, the light of the par light can make the overall brightness contrast of the stage softer, not giving people a very abrupt feeling.

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It can be used together with the wash lights, using different colors to create different atmospheres. You can also use LED wash lights to highlight the background effect of the main stage.

At the same time, you can also use a bubble machine to blow bubbles to create a romantic atmosphere, but before blowing bubbles, it is recommended that the hotel cover the main table with something. Blowing bubbles to the main table will affect the meal.

If you feel that the face of the newcomer is not bright enough, you can also use the back light to fill the face of the newcomer to highlight the newcomer.

How to make light up the entry of the new couple?

Then, the entry of the new couple is the beginning part of the wedding.

In order to create a mysterious atmosphere, it is recommended to make a dark field here. Part of the lights in the hall are turned off, leaving a small part of the background lights. Use back lights on both sides of the aisle The lights are arranged symmetrically.

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The advantage of this is that it will not cause the newcomer to have a yin and yang face when walking in the middle, and the light will be even on the left and right, so that it looks more three-dimensional and enhances the newcomer’s face.

The entrance of the new couple is divided into two parts. The bride is accompanied by the father at the flower gate and waits, and the groom comes down from the front desk to greet. It is recommended to use two follospot lights here, the main function is to highlight the bride and groom.

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How to use the followspot light

Then, the followspot light should be as high as possible to avoid people’s obstruction, so that the effect can be fully displayed.

When the lights are dimmed, the followspot lights are aimed at the bride and groom, and a bright area is formed within 2-3 meters of them. The purpose is to highlight the bride and groom, and when the two followspot lights overlap, pay attention to the angle and method of chasing newcomers, and try to chase newcomers in a staggered way.

Here, you can also use a dry ice machine to create a smoke effect, which will make the bride coming out of the smoke look like a fairy. You can also use several ground row lights in the guide area of the T station. When the newcomers enter the venue, it will be dark.

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If you add a little row of lights to embellish it at this time, the effect of chasing lights may be better, and it looks like it will more dreamy.

How to make the lights for before and after wedding

Finally, before and after the wedding, lighting effects should be warm and romantic.

In these two processes, colorful lights are often used, and amber, peach, and gold are used instead of dazzling incandescent lights, which are not only colorful and beautiful, with soft light, but also create spatial effects and changing moods.

You can also dim the lights appropriately to create an overall comfortable and harmonious environment. The light can be softly irradiated on the roof of the hall from the bottom up, which is much more pleasant than the direct light from the top to the bottom.

If the light is projected directly on a person’s face, it will make the guests have a dazzling feeling, resulting in a sense of cramped space and depression.

How to use the candles for atmosphere

Be careful not to forget that candles are also masters of atmosphere. A few exquisite candlesticks or craft candles are placed in the middle of each table with the color of the tablecloth.

The soft and swaying candlelight casts faint shadows, presenting a romantic and graceful wedding atmosphere. Wedding decoration has always been a very troublesome thing.

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Although these things are handed over to the wedding company for the decoration, there are some aspects that you must pay attention to, such as the lighting arrangement.

This is also more critical in the wedding. There are many places where lighting is needed, and the types of lighting used are also different.

Wedding scene lighting layout skills:

1. Beam lights for wedding scene lighting arrangement

Beam moving head lighting has high brightness, strong light and low load.

It is used in wedding scenes and has good visual effects. It is simply passionate. The advantage is that the patterns and colors can be changed according to different needs, making the entire wedding scene colorful.

Therefore, this type of lighting is often used in wedding lighting arrangements.

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2. Wash lights for wedding scene lighting arrangement

Ceremonies generally have themes, and the themes are all colors, so you need to use colored lights here, that is, led wash light, which can emit lights of different colors and can create a soft and romantic atmosphere for the entire wedding scene Wedding atmosphere, and it can also be used as a spotlight.

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3. Followspot light for wedding scene lighting arrangement

This kind of light appeared earlier in weddings and was the most used one at that time.

It is a high-power spotlight that can highlight the new couple with lights, and it can also follow the new couple to move, so that everyone’s eyes are focused on one point.

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