Those Unexpected stage design

Today let’s show you some unexcepted stage designs.

2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards

This year, most award ceremonies are either virtual or recorded performances.

This is not the case for the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards.
The ceremony that was in April was forced to change to October, but unlike other awards ceremonies, there are still wonderful red carpets and live performances this year.

All performers and dancers must be equipped with masks to perform on stage. In response to the epidemic, the stage has also been greatly adjusted this year.

This year’s stage is an octagonal setting, like a huge arena. There are 7 independent stages distributed 360° around this arena, and there are five stages mainly used for performances: one is the center stage, and the four are The outer stage of the actors.

Each stage is color coded. When the artist performs on one stage, the other stage is disinfected. Effective changes in cameras and the environment have allowed the fast-paced award ceremony to exist under the premise of strict compliance with COVID.

In order to avoid cumbersome scenes, producers will rely heavily on video and graphics as the background. This greatly improves safety.


Dancing With the Stars

It is an eight-week dance competition reality show launched by the American ABC television station in the summer of 2005. It is second only to FOX television’s “American Idol” and the second highest-rated reality show. A star is matched by a professional dancer.

The stage was designed by Florian Wieder and continued from the previous season. However, due to the epidemic, the audience could not be brought, so the two sides of the stage were modified.

The overall design is a modern-style decorative ballroom, based on the Broadway retro ballroom concept, combined with multi-dimensional geometric shapes. The entire stage is a three-story design, and a glass ball that breaks through the traditional ballroom is hung on the top of the center and rear. Fixed shape, but the glass ball is a split polyhedral glass ball of the fifth element in the future.


“Lighting and stage design must be coordinated”

The lighting design was performed by DX7 Design Studio. The entire lighting design relied on the stage design to develop the design. A large number of LED lights and beam lights were installed in the three-story design space. A large number of beam lights are also installed on the prismatic frame of the stage to increase the overall depth of the stage and also to cut the stage space. Allow actors to perform in a unique space.

At the creative place, the lighting design should consider how to use the light to “illuminate” the stage to render a unique palace color, and then create a unique Cue for each dancer.


Time and glass: VISLOVO

On October 5, 2019, the Vremya i Steklo band held a music evening at the Kiev Stadium!

This performance is hailed as the best music party of the year. The entire stadium is decorated as a city port. The stage adopts the concept of container design. The sky and background of the entire stage are built with containers.


A large number of lamps and lanterns are also hidden in the container, and the vision of the whole venue is presented with a combination of laser and projection, bringing the audience a curious and colorful performance.

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