600W Led Spot Moving Head With Profile

AL600LS features a highly efficient 600W Led module 6500K, the cost-efficient profile for entertainment and rental applications.

Additional benefits include 1:11 Zoom 4.5-50°, full CTO color mixing system, variable color temperature control,  wonderful sperate color wheel, static gobo wheel and rotation gobo wheel, an animation wheel, iris 100%-5% for beam adjustment, 0-100% linear frost, 3-facet and 6linear, dual direction rotation.

As a superintelligence moving head light, Al600LS equip 4 corner-cutting pieces to make up a full and controllable light spot cutting angle system, make sure to achieve precise face on the stage, the entire angle cutting system can be rotated by 90 °.

Thanks to it’s versatile, AL600LS no matter the live shows, concert, or large stage, could be easy to productions wonderful and impressive effect.

Product Details:

Light Source: 600W white module Led 6500K

Lifespan: 20000 Hours

CRI:≥74 / ≥90

Smooth CMY+CTO color mixing system

Color Plate:1 color plate, 7 colors +open rainbow effect, color
indexing and dual direction rotation.

Gobo plate: 1 fixed gobo plate, 8 gobos, with shaking; 1 rotating gobo plate, 6 interchangeable gobos, indexing function & shaking.

Prism: 3-facet and 6linear.dual direction rotation. Prisms overlapping and indexing function.

Frost:0-100% linear frost

Zoom: 4.5°-50° zoom. Iris: 100-5%

Framing: 4 corner-cutting pieces make up a controllable light spot cutting angle system. The entire angle cutting system can be rotated by 90 °

Focus: electronic focus smooth finetuning focus.

Electric strobe: 0-25/sec, random strobe and pulse strobe.

Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimmer, Frost: 0-100% linear frost

DMX Channel: 36 CH

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