The skills of stage lighting and music

The skills of stage lighting and music

Whether it is a large-scale concert, variety show, or a small-scale music party, the use of lighting effects to render the atmosphere, highlight the concept of music expression, create on-site effects, has an irreplaceable role, and now there are many types of effect lamps, except for traditional bobbin lights and back lights. Lights, spotlights, and effect lights include par lights, color-changing wash lights, moving head lights, sky roses, laser lights, etc. In the face of such a wide variety of lamps, how should lighting designers use them reasonably to express their ideal lighting The effect? The effect of lighting design depends on the designer’s imagination. First of all, it is possible to realize the effect only by thinking of it. The foundation of imagination is the understanding of music, because music is the basis and purpose of lighting effect design, that is, lighting effects are to better set off the music atmosphere and express the music concept, then we will talk about how to use lighting to express and Set off the music.

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Because the mood of music has colors, such as warm and passionate music, then the lighting uses warm colors, which can be red, yellow, etc., while minor music can use blue and cool colors. This is easy to understand, that is, the synesthesia of art, the expression of the same thing, different art categories are just different expressions, and the feelings expressed are the same. With the understanding and grasp of the mood of music, we can first determine the general tone of the light, what kind of music and what tone color light.

This is what we usually call the co-production of light and music, but how does it work together? First of all, you must understand whether the beat of the music is four, three, or eighty-six, etc., and understand the upbeat and downbeat. You can use different colors of light and the intensity of the light to match the beat of the music. If the music is fast, The lighting does not have to match every beat, you can ignore the weak beats and only reflect the strong beats. The rest of the music can be reflected in the dark field. We can use the time value, intensity, color and category of the light to reflect the changes in the length, intensity, pitch and tone of the note.

Aolait Show Case
Aolait Show Case

We divide the structure of the light into physical structure and non-physical structure. Lighting designers often divide bobbin lights, return lights, computer lights, and color changing lights into several levels in different combinations to form a three-dimensional lighting effect. This is the light. The physical structure (spatial structure); what is the non-physical structure of light? A piece of music is composed of prelude, interlude, main melody, sub-melody, etc. The lighting is also divided into different parts, combined with different lights, and different forms of changes to reflect different parts of the music. According to the needs of music rhythm and melody, we can first make some action change “tools” for the lighting, and then combine various parts of the music into different ways to express, and the different combinations of these lighting action changes constitute the lighting Non-physical structure. So we say that the structure of music determines the structure of the light is the non-physical structure of the light.

The brilliance in the music, the SOLO of a certain instrument is the highlight of a piece of music, the effect lighting should be emphasized and reflected, so in the lighting effect design, some special lighting action changes should be arranged according to the special important details in the music. reflect.

All in all, the design of effect lighting should be based on music, with the purpose of rendering the atmosphere of music. Therefore, lighting designers must have a deep understanding of the structure and content of music in order to design satisfactory lighting effects.

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